Keys to grow your construction business [2023].

Don't worry, here are the four most important keys you will need to follow if you want your construction business to succeed. We're not going to tell you anything you don't already know, but it's often important to be reminded of certain tips that can help us in times of increased stress. Read carefully, here are the 4 keys to make your construction business grow:
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1. Market study, define what are our objectives.

One of our first recommendations is to carry out a market study, where you can identify your ideal client in order to generate a strategy that will help you adjust to your market niche. Many times, we do not stop to define our target audience and this diverts us from being able to offer a quality service.

Defining your business objectives, without forgetting what your present limitations are, can help you to organize yourself better. The projection of the future is very important but the first step is to define your present objectives.

Another proposal we make is that you write down in a notebook, everything you want to project for your construction business, as well as what lessons you have learned from past mistakes in other projects. Sometimes we forget that the simple can be the best. Sit down, write and think. Discuss our strategies and have patience in order to achieve our goals.

2. Implementation of a site ERP

Today, there are many online tools at our fingertips. We recommend, without hesitation, that you implement an ERP system for your projects. This will allow you to better organize your construction budgets, construction planning, personnel management... In other words, it is a pocket-sized virtual assistant that you can use wherever you are. 

Being able to save time in management and thus devote more energy to other areas of your construction business will allow you to be more creative, enjoy more, anticipate your competition, have clearer management times... In other words, take advantage of the opportunities that the new technological market is opening up.

Here are a few articles that may be of interest for you to learn more about the ERP of work, from its definition, use and different options that are on the market:



3. Assertive communication and active listening

We write it in capital letters, C O M M U N I C A T I O N , no matter what area you are in, this is one of the keys to the success of any business. We often forget how it can make things easier for us to dedicate time and effort to improve the way we communicate. It may sound strange to you, but whether it's communicating a quote to a client, closing a project, reaching an agreement with a colleague. Whatever your role within the company: from the construction manager to the bricklayer, communicating in an assertive way is a good exercise to improve our project.

Many times, among so much stress, we forget to activate listening, which makes us lose time and have to spend twice as much time on the same task, or simply a misunderstanding can cause a delay in the results. Working on active listening and assertiveness will undoubtedly bring us more satisfaction no matter what we do.

Here is some material to work on assertiveness and active listening:

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4. Exercises to control stress and anxiety

One of the biggest problems faced by site managers is the stress caused by carrying the responsibility of a project where so many variables are at stake. Time is money, as they say, and in this sector, as you know, even more so!

Because of this we recommend you to do exercises that can help you to control anxiety. Breathing, stopping and doing one thing at a time can be great allies before stressful situations. Dedicate a few minutes a day to an activity that we like, do physical exercise to leave the mind aside and to be able to connect with ourselves without any doubt facilitate our daily tasks.

Running back and forth may become something we get used to, but that doesn't mean our work is done more effectively.

Here are some exercises and lectures that you can do/listen to at home, at the construction site or in the car:

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