6 alternatives to Go telematel

Construction projects have always required the implementation of ERP software to manage the resources and materials available for the job, as well as production tracking.
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Go Telematel is one of the leading ERP programs specifically designed for construction companies. However, there are other solutions available that can offer a better quality of service. Below, we list 5 alternatives to Go Telematel that are ideal for those looking to improve the efficiency of their construction process. 🏗

1. Tribboo

Tribbo is a web application that allows you to carry out your measurements and estimates in an effective, simple and flexible way. You can generate construction estimates in 1 click and save time throughout the entire construction management process. 

As it works through your browser, there is no need to install anything on your computer, allowing you to use it on your Mac, Windows or Linux. You won't have to worry about backups or updates. 

It is much more than just an application to make measurements and budgets, it also allows you to manage your entire construction company and request online quotes from your suppliers and update them with the needs of the market. 

You can upload your prices or BC3 files from old projects and also create your own price bank within the platform. So it is a very interesting tool, if you are looking for a way to get started in this kind of platforms.

Tribboo is the only software for mac.

Summary of features : Costs - Certifications and Invoicing - Work Planning - Subcontracting Management - Work Budget - Workday Registration.

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2. Procore: 

This solution is an ERP software platform for the construction industry. It is designed to help companies speed up processes, improve communication, increase efficiency and reduce costs at the same time. It provides a variety of tools for resource management, collaboration and production tracking. 

3. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate:

This solution offers a complete set of tools to facilitate the management of construction projects. It is designed to help companies simplify decision making, improve productivity, increase profitability and reduce risk. 

4. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for construction: 

This solution focuses on optimizing production and construction processes. It provides tools for planning, monitoring and management of resources, as well as data collection to improve decision making. 

5. Viewpoint Construction Software: 

This solution focuses on improving the productivity and efficiency of construction projects. It provides tools for resource management, collaboration and production tracking.

6. Autodesk BIM 360: 

This solution focuses on real-time collaboration. It is designed to help companies accelerate production, improve work quality and reduce costs. It provides tools for information management, collaboration, tracking and decision making.

These are just some of Go Telematel's erp software alternatives. As technology advances, there are more and more options for those looking to improve the efficiency of their construction projects. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to research and find the right solution for your company.

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Eva Degardin - February 2023