Database of building materials in Spain

When budgeting in the area of construction, it is vital to have a price database that includes fully updated costs. A database (DB) is a tool that allows us to collect, store and organise information about the same context. It must be organised in such a way that it is fully accessible, updatable, and therefore easily managed.
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In this article, we will know what is a database of building materials in Spain. In turn, we will explain how they are created, some of the most reliable sources and their prices. Do you want to know more? Let's get started!

1. What is a database?

A database (DB) is a tool that allows us to collect, store and organize information about the same context. This database must be organized in such a way that it is fully accessible, updatable, and therefore easily managed. 

2. How are databases created?

To create a database, the first thing to do is to define its purpose. In this case, these are oriented to the area of construction. From there, it is vital to follow the next steps:

  • Find and organise the information you need. 
  • Split the information into entities, and then convert them into tables. 
  • Organise entity data as columns in tables. 
  • Set the main keys of each table. For example: the unique code of a product. 
  • Relate the data in the tables. 
  • Carry out design tests to detect errors.
  • Apply normalisation rules to database columns, tables and relationships. 

In construction, having access to data management software to consult the costs of construction materials is essential. Mainly, because it allows us to know the quality and prices of the materials in order to be able to make a proper budget. 

How to create your own database in Tribboo?

3 ways to create your own database :

  • Upload a Bc3 or EXCEL file
  • Create templates from scratch
  • Consult Tribboo's own price bank

Tribboo Database functionality options:

  • Copy chapters and line items to a project
  • Move line items between several price banks
  • Add chapters and games to favorites 
  • Grouping, sorting and changing line item prices

4. Sources

In Spain, there are several data sources oriented to the area of Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Among them, the following stand out:

  • BEDEC. It is a software that provides detailed information on certain construction products. Here we find an extensive catalogue of construction elements with their respective reference prices.

It also offers technical specifications, regulations, statistics and environmental indicators applicable in Spain. This information bank has been available on the ITeC (Institute of Construction Technology) website since 2001. 

Since then, it has become a very valuable digital tool in the construction sector. Today it has 860,000 elements of building works, civil engineering, rehabilitation, safety, health, indirect costs, among others. 

  • PREOC and PROMETI. This is a composite software, product of a partnership between PREOC and PROMETI, which operate under the company Atayo, s.a. 

PREOC has been present in the sector since 1992. It has focused on price databases and documentation related to regulations, specifications, SMEs, among others. PROMETI has been present in the Spanish market since 2003. 


  • BEDEC. The annual subscription to this database is priced at 381.15 euros including VAT. Apart from providing information on products in the construction sector, it also contains data on companies, regulations and environmental information on products and systems.

BEDEC adapts to your needs, just by registering you can access 15 of its pages free of charge per month. Now, if you opt for the consultation software, you will have limited access to the system. All this for a monthly price of 25 euros per month and 165 euros per year. 

The bank also offers other packages. For example, BEDEC Project and Construction and BEDEC Sustainability can be purchased for 55 euros per month, respectively. 

  • PROMETI 2022. It is priced at 350 euros + VAT. It has more than 15,000 licences, includes the PROEC 2022 price database and can be downloaded via the internet.

In addition, it is supported on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Windows 11 platforms. Furthermore, it can be installed on two computers belonging to the same user, i.e. with the same licence, but without simultaneous use. 

Updating these databases

Keeping these databases up to date manually would be a rather complicated or even impossible task. Fortunately, we live in a completely digitalised era. 

In Spain, the updating of BEDEC and PROMETI, for example, is done through a file known as BC3 or FIE-BDC format. This is a format that allows easy exchange of information between budgeting programmes and construction databases. 

In this way, effective communication is achieved between material manufacturers, cost estimators and other actors involved in a building site. 

It is clear that information is not only important on a personal level, it is also a vital asset in companies. Therefore, we must safeguard it in the right way and what better way than using a database management system.