How to open BC3 file extension?

To open a bc3 file, you need to: convert it online to another readable format (excel). Open/convert it on your computer, by downloading software (6 options).
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Find out how to open a BC3 file with this step-by-step guide. Learn the basics of BC3 file manipulation, how to find the right application to open a BC3 file, and how to use the application to open your file.


👉 If you don't know what a bc3 file is, you can read our article What is a bc3 file?


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How to open a bc3 file to Excel with TRIBBOO ?

Opening a bc3 file is very easy if you do it with Tribboo. Just follow these two steps:

  1. Register for free in the platform to open bc3 file and download it in EXCEL.
  2. You create your project by uploading your bc3 file and that's it.
  3. You can now open, read and download it.

PS: If you want, you can download your bc3 file in excel or pdf.

If you have any doubts, you can watch the following video where we tell you how to do it:






What are the online alternatives to convert BC3 to Excel (online)?

There are web alternatives that will help you convert a BC3 database to an Excel spreadsheet. Doing it this way will save you the trouble of installing software on your computer, however, it may be the case that the information contained in the file is not fully compatible.

We leave you the best alternative to do it with this medium:

What are the software to convert BC3 to Excel?

If you use this file format constantly, you can install specialized software for this task. There are several options on the Internet, so here are two that may help you:

5. What are the specialized software for BC3 files?

If you want to avoid compatibility problems between the data in a database and an Excel spreadsheet, you should use a software specialized in reading BC3 files.

We leave you with the following alternatives:


6. How to open a BC3 file with Presto (download)

To open a BC3 file with Presto you should follow the steps below:

  1. Open a blank file.
  2. Click on the import tab.
  3. Choose the FIEBDC option.
  4. Browse to the address where you have the *.bc3 file.
  5. De en accept.
  6. The software will perform the calculations and open your file.

7. How to open a BC3 file with Excel (download)

  1. Open Excel.
  2. Go to the Scheduler tab.
  3. Click on Macros.
  4. Run BC3toExcel.
  5. Select your file.
  6. Click Yes to export the short text.
  7. If you choose the long cost, change the name of the sheet to avoid an error.
  8. The new sheet will give you the long text information.

8. How to open a BC3 file with FileMagic (download)

File Magic is a universal file viewer. With File Magic you can open any file format. You can also edit the file without having the program installed.

The advantage is that you can open several file types with the same software, using the tabs as if you were using a web browser.

If you don't use this type of file too much, it will save you time by saving you the trouble of searching for the right software. In addition, you can use File Magic to open any type of file.


Opening a BC3 file is not difficult once you know the necessary steps. You need a compatible program, such as a commercial office suite, to view the contents of the file. There are also several free online programs that can open BC3 files. With the steps described in this article, anyone should be able to open a BC3 file without any problems.