How to convert a PZH file to BC3?

In recent years, the PZH file format has become one of the most popular file formats for creating and storing documents of all types, from text documents to spreadsheets, presentations and others.
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If you want to convert a PZH file to another format, such as BC3, this article will show you how to perform the conversion quickly and easily. We will explain the steps you should follow to convert a PZH file to BC3, as well as the programs you will need to perform this task. In addition, we will recommend some useful links so that you can research the topic further if you wish.

What is a PHZ file?

This is a file that belongs to the Presto measurement programme format. The PHZ file is the type of file that the old version of Presto works with, so in order to use it, it is essential to have this programme.

What is a BC3 file?

A BC3 file (also known as FIE-BDC format) is a file that allows the exchange of information between different budgeting programmes and construction databases. With this type of file, communication with different professional channels is streamlined.

The BC3 format enables the exchange of information between product manufacturers, quotation experts, construction companies, manufacturers and other parties involved in a construction project. 

This file allows compatibility between specialized software such as Tribboo, Go!Manage, Cype or Presto, facilitating communication between agents, manufacturers and construction companies that work with different software, allowing them to work without the need to transform their catalog to a universal BC3 file.


How to convert a PZH file to BC3?

In order to convert a Pzh file to Bc3, i.e. to exchange it to the standard format, we need the following:

The main action we have to perform is the EXPORT of the file:

  1. We have to open this PHZ file in our Presto program.
  2. We go to the "File" menu.
  3. Click on "Export".
  4. FIEBDC.
  5. We are asked for the type of extension in which the file is to be opened and we choose: BC3.
  6. Specify the name of the file and save it on your computer.

Converting a PZH file to BC3 can be complicated, but with the right steps and the right software, it is possible to perform this task successfully. Users should note that the steps vary depending on the program they are using, so it is important to make sure to follow the correct steps. This will allow users to convert PZH files to BC3 with ease, so they can enjoy their files and projects without any problems.