How to create a budget from scratch on Tribboo?

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1. How to create a budget from scratch in Tribboo?

2. Create a budget from scratch in Tribboo

If you usually work with excel, and do not receive BC3 files from architects, this option is made for you.

Search for the name of the games in our system and add them to a chapter. Simply tick the first letters of your item and a list will appear. We save you a lot of time with this step. 

👉 You will have access to :

  • Prices from our database; market reference prices
  • History ; prices of your old projects. 
  • Target price, the price you have chosen between the first two; it will serve as a basis for your budget.

👉 You can also add your own item name, with your price:

  • Create your first chapter
  • Create your game 
  • Choose the option "create game manually".
  • Add your price in the "target price" part.

You will find budget templates here.