How to save time with an on-site PRS?

If you are not familiar with the world of site ERPs, you may not be aware of one of the biggest advantages of applying them to your construction project: YOU GAIN TIME. In fact, you may have heard of them or you may already be using one, in the following article we clarify the question of how to save time with a construction ERP.
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1. What is a construction ERP?

First of all, it is important that you understand what a site ERP programme really is. To do so, we invite you to read our article: What is a site ERP?

Having understood its multiple functionalities, we will now detail the common problems we face when tackling a construction project. Among them, lack of time is often one of the biggest obstacles for builders and architects.

Common problems related to lack of time

The fact that our construction project is delayed means that the cost of the budget increases. Budget control often becomes a tedious task, where not only is it difficult to establish the budget, but during the development and management of the project, unforeseen events occur that force us to readjust and this complicates the planning.

Here is a list of situations related to lack of time:

  • Laborious work when making a construction budget.
  • Use of programmes such as excel to generate budget templates, which hinder the workflow and slow down the whole process.
  • Not knowing which is the last quotation given to the client and which was accepted.
  • Lack of control over work planning.
  • Ignore how much money you have actually spent on the work.
  • Not knowing the actual completion times of the work (this makes it impossible to know when the next work can be started).
  • Difficulty in planning masons correctly when carrying out several works at the same time.

As you can see, these are situations that could be improved with better time management and planning. What happens is that we are not machines; behind the management of the work, there are people who face different situations every day that lead to rapid action and in many cases improvisation.

That's why we propose the use of our ERP TRIBBOO, a tool that makes your work easier and saves you time, which is the most important thing!

2. How can you save time with Tribboo ?

Tribboo's ERP offers you the opportunity to make construction quotes in one click, an advantage that will change the way you approach any construction project.

Not only does it allow you to manage the entire project globally and centrally, but it also allows you to connect with suppliers to keep your prices up to date. You can also upload your prices or BC3 files from old projects and create your own price bank within the platform.

As the platform is intuitive and easy to use, you won't have to spend time trying to understand complicated programmes, and you can connect wherever you are, which gives you the opportunity to manage unforeseen events and updates immediately.

If you are interested in understanding more about Tribboo, we invite you to read our blog and we offer you the opportunity to test our product for FREE, as long as you have the time to tell us more about yourself, so we can better adapt to your needs.

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Maria Vaqueriza | 2022