How can an on-site PRS make construction more humane?

When we talk about new technologies, many terms come to mind; artificial intelligence, metaverse, digitalisation, blockchain... we are living in an era in which technology is developing so fast that sometimes we need to stop and understand the advantages it can bring us. Here we reveal how an on-site ERP can make construction more human.
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Every day, we are more and more familiar with the use of different mobile applications to deal with different issues that arise in our daily lives. One of the great revolutions that are taking place in the market are the so-called ERPs. They are intelligent software with which we can manage our company more efficiently.

There are different types of ERPs, depending on the functionality you want to give them. We, who are specialized in the construction sector, more specifically in construction SMEs, understand that many times small and medium companies do not have access to the same logistical resources that large construction companies have. It is well known that nowadays, being self-employed is synonymous of being multiple trades at the same time; specialist in paperwork and bureaucratic issues, creative at the same time, knowing how to manage the staff, to specify an effective work budget... that is to say, several areas that often fall on the weight of one or several people are dealt with.

Because of this, we believe that through an ERP specialized in the construction sector, you can streamline the most tedious management process, such as the completion of the construction budget and thus provide more quality time. We want to make life easier for small professionals so that they have a pocket assistant at all times, both on site and in the office. Streamlining time, nowadays humanizes us, because we are not superheroes and we can't get everywhere. Because of this, a site ERP is an effective solution for our company and brings us closer to building a project in a more human and relaxed way.

Maria Vaqueriza | 11 July 2022