What is a construction ERP ? [2023] [2023] What is an ERP ?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are computer systems that help in the management of different areas of any business in an efficient way. They simplify and automate complex processes in a centralised and global way. In the following article we will focus on answering all the questions that may arise about this type of system, focusing on the construction sector.
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1. What is a construction ERP?

The ERPs of work, are specialised in the construction sector, which allow us to perform various actions such as the budget of work, generate certifications, to automate the entire business process. Within the construction sector, flexible solutions are being created that adapt to the different sizes and types of companies in the sector.

They are highly efficient programmes with which we can manage any business. There are many ERPs on the market, some have a more generic system, which can be used in different sectors, but there are specific ones such as Tribboo, which allow us to control 100% the work and our company.

2. How to choose a construction ERP?

It is very important to choose the right ERP for construction if we want to achieve good results. An ERP adapted to construction companies will allow us to manage all our needs on a single platform.


It has to be flexible and easy to use, with a simple interface, in which we can intuitively understand and manage the programme easily. Another important feature is that it should be accessible, that you have access to the platform wherever you are, without having to connect from your desktop computer, so that you can keep track of it wherever you are.

These types of features are very important, but the type of functionalities offered by the platform must also be taken into account. It is advisable to be able to manage the site personnel, accounting and finance, certifications, the construction budget and a series of tasks that help us to control the schedule.

3. What are the advantages of an on-site ERP?

You save time and energy, allowing you to focus on other areas of the construction project. The generation of budgets is a complex and costly task and thanks to a construction ERP, this process is streamlined and you can track the project until the end. It allows you to manage all the work certifications and cost control in a centralised way. An ERP specialised in the construction sector helps us to optimise our project and takes away headaches to be exact. 

It allows the status of the site, i.e. the company itself, to be known at all times. It controls the site team and facilitates access to understand what task each person is working on. You can manage the expenses derived from the work and easily obtain reports on profits and expenses. In short, it helps to reduce the stress generated by long days on site.

4. Examples of ERPs for construction sites

You can learn about different examples of site ERPs by clicking on our articles about:



Why choose Tribboo ?

Tribboo is an intuitive and easy to use platform , where you can save time in all your processes.

One of its major advantages is that you can generate construction estimates in 1 click and be more effective in the whole management procedure.

 At the same time, it allows you to connect with suppliers to have updated prices and adapt them to your market needs. You can also upload your prices or BC3 files from old projects and create your own price bank within the platform.

It is simple, centralizes all the tools necessary to manage a construction company and you can adapt it to the volume of work and functionality.

As it is a fully online platform, you can connect to the software wherever you are. It allows you to access it quickly and on the move, and you can use it throughout the entire construction process. Thanks to its flexibility, you never have to worry about backups and updates again.

And the best part ! It is totally FREE, you can request an early access to the platform through the Tribboo website .

Fill in the form on the website and request a demo with a Tribboo agent who will support you in your first steps.

Maria Vaqueriza : 14 June 2022