What is a PZH file?

A PZH file is a file containing a vector image created with the Paint Shop Pro graphic design program. These files contain a compressed version of the vector image, making them faster to store and send. Find out more about PZH files in this article.
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In the age of technology, the term"PZH file" has become more common. This is because PZH files are one of the main file formats for data storage and sharing. This article will explain what a PZH file is and how it is used. It will also discuss the different types of PZH files and the benefits of using them. At the end, we will set out the steps needed to open and work with a PZH file.

What is a PZH file?

A PZH file is a data compression file developed by WinZIP. PZH is an abbreviation for the term "Pack Zip with Fingerprints", as it uses a fingerprint signature to check the authenticity of the stored files. This file compression saves storage space and facilitates the transfer of large amounts of data. 

Versions of a file 

PZH There are two versions of the PZH archive, version 4.5 and version 5.0. Version 4.5 was released in 2000 and version 5.0 was released in 2003. Version 5.0 is faster and more improved than version 4.5. 

Advantages of an archive 

A PZH file has many advantages, among them:

✔ Provides high-quality file compression. 

✔ Enables recovery of damaged data.

✔ Provides security with fingerprint signature. 

✔ The PZH file can be encrypted to protect the stored data. 

✔ Enables secure transmission of files via e-mail. 

✔ Reduces download time when compressing large files. 

In short, a PZH file is an excellent tool for all those who need to compress large amounts of data to send them by e-mail or to save them. This data compression saves a lot of storage space and transfer time.

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Eva Degardin - February 2023