What is a PIM?

Product Information Management (PIM) is a product information management system that helps companies manage, maintain and distribute product-related information. PIMs enable retailers and manufacturers to optimize the quality and accuracy of their product data, providing customers with a more seamless shopping experience. They can also create and publish product content across multiple channels, increase product visibility and improve supply chain efficiency.
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Product Information Management (PIM) is a software tool used to manage a company's product data and improve the efficiency of operations. PIM collects, stores, manages and distributes a company's product information. This information can be used to drive product sales, improve product data quality and enhance the user experience.

2. The objective of a PIM

The main objective of PIM is to help companies manage product data efficiently. This means that companies can optimize workflow, improve data quality and speed up product release time.

The main objective of a PIM is to simplify the management of product data so that all available information can be leveraged for business operations. This is achieved by storing all product data in a single centralized location, allowing any product-related information to be readily available for use. 

Why do companies need a PIM tool?

Companies need a PIM tool to manage product information. This includes data such as descriptions, features, prices, images, videos, documentation, etc. This data can be used to improve product quality, reduce production costs and improve user experience.

4. What product data should be managed in a PIM system?

In addition, a PIM system also helps companies improve the management of product data across different channels. This includes web applications, mobile, social networks, marketplaces, etc. Tribboo's PIM, for example, allows you to easily manage product data across all these channels.

How can Tribboo's PIM help your company? 

Tribboo PIM offers a variety of tools for better product data management. These tools include content management, data normalization, quality control, digital asset management, and third-party integration. These tools help companies manage product data efficiently and improve product quality.

In short, Product Information Management (PIM) is a software tool used to optimize the management of a company's product data. This tool helps companies reduce production costs, improve product quality, and accelerate product release time. Tribboo's PIM offers a variety of tools for better product data management to help companies improve their operations.

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Eva Degardin - February 2023