What is TRIBBOO?

What is TRIBBOO? What can you do with TRIBBOO?⚡️ Tribboo is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that centralises the tools you need to manage your construction projects from start to finish. We were born out of the need to respond to the different conflicts that arise in the management of construction projects.
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The recent digitalization gives us the opportunity to optimize our work through the so-called ERP software for construction companies (Enterprise Resource Planning System). Today, they are used in various sectors, in our case, we are specialized in the construction sector and so it is fully adapted to your needs.

We have a motto; EFFICIENCY, SIMPLICITY and EFFECTIVENESS. We move according to these three adjectives, since our main objective is that you can save time in your construction project, being able to have a better control of the entire work project: whether it is a comprehensive reform, the budget of work, planning, management of certifications and a long etc..

What are our characteristics?

- Budget : Create your construction budget in a short time.

✔ Import your measurements in 1-click and work with your own or national reference material prices.

✔ Start from 0 or import your measurements

✔ Define your total costs and generate your target budget.

✔ Create the best commercial offer

- Price Bank : Find the right price among over 300,000 references

✔ Consult national reference price banks and search your line items with keywords.

✔ Discover our Templates

✔ Import or create your price bank

- Invoices : Customizable professional invoices

Tribboo is the cloud software that allows you to automate all your billing processes based on your projects.

✔ Generate your invoices from 0 or from your budget.

✔ Customize and send professional invoices

✔ Define a payment plan for each project.

- Supplier management : Consult and manage your suppliers anywhere in the world 

✔ With our supplier dashboard, check the price of materials in real time, with our state-of-the-art tracking tool.

✔ Contact and manage with suppliers.

✔ Plot budget status and send reminders.

✔ Generate your invoices from 0 or from your budget.

Why Tribboo?

✨ Intuitive

Tribboo is the most intuitive and easy to use platform, you don't need previous experience.

✨ Effective

Tribboo automates your processes, avoids repetitive and mechanical tasks.

✨ Flexible

Tribboo adapts to you, your way of working and your projects, you're the boss!

3.Who is Tribboo for?

↪1F477↩ ‍Constructor

Budgeting, supplier and cost management - avoid delays!


Centralize the follow-up of your works, make measurements and comparisons.


Organize projects, commercial offers and invoices - get more work done!


Respond to inquiries quickly and close more business deals.

In conclusion, Tribboo is ERP software for construction companies that will help you improve the overall management of your construction project, giving you better control of the whole process, wherever you are. Even if you can't physically go to the office, Tribboo allows you to manage all the necessary certifications from your cell phone (it works for both Apple and Android). So, at the end of the day, you'll avoid headaches.

One of the biggest advantages is that you can generate construction quotes in 1 click and be more effective in the whole management procedure. At the same time, it allows you to connect with suppliers to have updated prices and adapt them to your market needs. You can also upload your prices or BC3 files of old projects and create your own price bank within the platform.

It is simple, centralizes all the tools necessary to manage a construction company and you can adapt it to the volume of work and functionality.

As it is a fully online platform, you can connect to the software wherever you are. It allows you to access it quickly and on the move, and you can use it throughout the entire construction process. Thanks to its flexibility, you never have to worry about backups and updates again.

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Eva Degardin - March 2023