Tribboo Functionality Guide [2023].

Hello new Tribboo member! Now that you have decided to start this new adventure with us, you may be wondering what features you have access to with the 30-day free trial of TRIBBOO!
Table of contents

1. What do you have access to?

First of all, you can invite up to 3 members of your staff to start working with you.

👉 Upload your database and convert your Bc3 measurement files in one click! This data was saved in your account!

All our Quotation functionalities : Access to our price database, creation of items and chapters, downloading and sending of quotations, customization of your customer quotation.

👉 Supplier management functionalities : send price requests, follow up on the queries sent...

👉 Invoice management, payment plan and certifications.

👉 Project planning and follow-up : one-click planning, task management, reminders, team management as well as creation of site minutes [COMING SOON] [COMING SOON].

👉 Create your network of customers, partners and suppliers, all this information will be saved in your account.

We are excited for you to discover and try out some of these amazing features to see how powerful they can be for your business.

2. What happens when your free trial runs out?

If you are interested in signing up for one of our different plans - you will not be charged after the free trial ends.

Instead, you will be asked for your credit card, choose a plan in the subscription section. So, you're in control!

Please note that after 15 days you will not be able to use any of Tribboo's features, but only observe your projects and the performance of your work.

Do not hesitate to chat with our support team if you have any questions.

If you need more trial time you can request a demo with us, and contact a salesperson.

Enjoy !